[JITF2021] Consecutive Interpreting – Memory and Note-taking

Andrew Gillies

Andy Gillies has been a freelance conference interpreter since 1996 and works from French, German and Polish into English at a number of International Institutions as well as for private clients. 

Andy has been training interpreters since 1999 and currently teaches at ISIT in Paris and Glendon MCI in Toronto. He has been a visiting trainer at schools in Poland, Germany and Portugal. 

He has also given numerous further training courses for professional interpreters for: the European Parliament; the European Court of Justice; AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters); and ATA (American Translators Association).

Andy is the author of two books about Consecutive Interpreting – Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting (2005 & 2017), and Consecutive Interpreting (2019) and has translated Rozan’s 1956 classic “Note-taking in Consecutive Interpreting…” into English. 

He is also the curator of the Interpreter Training Resources website.

Consecutive Interpreting – Memory and Note-taking

This session will look at how to use memory and certain types of memory prompt effectively – allowing the interpreter, if required to remember 3-5 minutes of speech. We will work through a structured note-taking system which promotes; the noting of macro- and micro-structures within a speech; distinctions between more & less important information; efficient note-taking; improved recall; and fluent delivery.

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