[JITF2020] News Translation: Basics of the Basics – the Bare Minimum You Need to Know

Satomi Matsumaru

Freelance translator and writer.  She spent a total of more than six years in London, England as a student and as expatriate staff at a Japanese company.  When working overseas at the Japanese company, she wrote for and edited a Japanese-language newsletter on business in the UK and Europe for Japanese living in the UK.  She currently is a freelancer translating and writing (and occasionally interpreting) in a broad range of fields with a focus on current topics.  Her translated works include: “Willpower Doesn’t Work – Discover the Hidden Keys to Success” (Sunmark Publishing), “Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind” (CCC Media House), etc. 

News Translation: Basics of the Basics – the Bare Minimum You Need to Know

Though news translation is in high demand, there are not many opportunities to learn about it.  It is a field with many conventions quite different from general business translation.  Not knowing them may not only make the work more difficult but also increase the likelihood of failed trials despite good translation skills.

This course will explain what news translation is and how it differs from other kinds of business translation, giving the “basics of the basics” and some practical tips with real world examples.

Participants’ translation practice will not be held this time as it was in the “news translation – basics of basics” course organized by JACI last time.  Those who participated last time but were too focused on the translations to listen to the explanations properly will be able to review the contents in a more relaxed setting.

Please feel free to join if you are just getting started as a translator, are interested in news translation or are already actively engaged in news translation but are curious to know more.  Please experience the joy of the world of news translation.