[JIF2016] Evolution of the Interpreting Market: A Personal Perspective

Evolution of the Interpreting Market: A Personal Perspective

The environment surrounding conference interpreters has changed dramatically, particularly in the past couple of decades. There are more interpreters in the market. Clients’ needs have diversified. Technological breakthroughs have literally redefined the way we approach our craft. Fujiko Hara should know, because she has been through it all. In this keynote speech, she will reflect on her career as a conference interpreter, offer her perspective on how changes in our market have impacted our profession, and give insights on the future of the interpreting market—Tokyo 2020 and beyond. Hara asks: How can we, as professional interpreters, meet the needs of our society, and possibly even have an impact on it?

Fujiko Hara

Born in Tokyo. Completed a doctoral course in Foreign Language Studies at Sophia University. Founded Diplomatt Inc. in 1984 after serving for many years as a freelance interpreter and became its Board Chairperson. A member of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters, Switzerland) and an authorized European Union Interpreter. A Board Member of the Yukio Ozaki Memorial Foundation, and a representative of the GAKUDO-KAI study group.

Publications: Tiger Goes Around the World and The Business of Interpreting (Japan Times Press), and Booth with a View (Japan Times Press).

Translation Credits: The Autobiography of Yukio Ozaki (Princeton University Press), Ryoichi Sasagawa (Eastwood), Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara’s Magical Tales All Young Adults Should Read (Fusanbo International).

Has Interpreted at many major world conferences including the World Economic Forum and International Labor Conferences. Granddaughter of statesman Yukio Ozaki, daughter of Yasutane Sohma and Yukika Sohma (Ms. Sohma founded the Association for Aid and Relief (AAR) Japan and Japan-Korea Women’s Friendship Association).

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