Abelon: The World’s First Wi-Fi Interpretation System

Abelon: The World’s First Wi-Fi Interpretation System

SI equipment is heavy, hard to set up (often requires engineers), and managing dozens if not hundreds of receivers is always a painful and tedious work. It is also comes with a hefty price tag even for a day’s rental. But what if we had a simple solution that solves all these problems at once, a solution that even the not so tech-savvy people can operate?

Yukinori Shin is the creator and leading developer of Abelon, the world’s first Wi-Fi interpretation system. Shin will demonstrate how the product works, its potential, and how professional interpreters and students of the craft can use this at home to hone their skills.

Wi-Fi Interpretation System ABELON

Yukinori Shin / Shin Jungbum

Born in 1973 in Osaka, Shin is a third generation Korean Japanese who has received many awards and accolades for his design and creation, including the Good Design Award and the Miyagi Monotsukuri Grand Prize. He has more than a dozen patents and many more pending. He holds a MDiv (Master of Divinity) from Torch Trinity Graduate University. Currently based in South Korea, Shin is very active in church activities and Japanese language schools he owns.
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