[JIF2015] Because Your Voice Matters: Introduction to Voice Training

Because Your Voice Matters: Introduction to Voice Training

In a way, the interpreter is only as good as her voice. But how many of us actually take good care of our throat on a daily basis, and make every effort to maximize the power of our biggest professional tool? Singer and actress Yuka Hiraoka will provide useful tips on how to maintain the condition of your throat, effective breathing, and offer practical knowledge and expertise on listener-friendly speaking techniques.


Yuka Hiraoka

Hiraoka began her career as a professional musician at the age of 22. While serving as a back chorus member and support musician for some of the most successful musicians in Japan, she also took part in various film and theatrical projects, including a role in Shiki Theatre Company’s Mamma Mia, which jump-started her acting career as well.

She continues to write music and perform at live events throughout the year, and teaches voice training to aspiring musical talents and others.

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