[JIF2024] Stress Management and Expert Performance

Chris Guichot de Fortis

“Chris Guichot de Fortis, (A-EN, B-FR, C-ES) M.A. (Cantab); PDLS (Bath); BACI; AIIC, has had an eclectic career.  He began as a professional tennis player, then became an amateur rally driver at international level. 

Chris received his degrees from St. John’s College, Cambridge, then served for 9 years in the British police. In 1988 he started his career at NATO Headquarters as staff interpreter, moving up to become Senior Interpreter and running NATO’s staff and freelance recruitment tests and practice programme for 10 years. 

Since 2001 Chris has been co-director of the Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course (CCIC) for experienced practising conference Interpreters. He has taught and lectured at 11 interpreting schools on 3 continents, and for several years was a trainer on the UN Geneva GIMUN programme, as well as on all 3 TerpSummits.

Chris is coordinator of the Belgian AIIC Network of Trainers, and (as a committed Christian) since 2010 he has acted as chief interpreter for the Vineyard Brussels Church.

In parallel with his day job, he has worked for 15 years as volunteer ambulance paramedic, organized interpreting teams for several NGOs, and (in 1996) founded and continues to run a refugee social and legal service and foodbank, “L’Olivier 1996”.

Now retired from NATO, he also spends his time freelancing, training and coaching many students and young interpreters, interpreting for NGOs, lecturing and training on asylum and migration, and rallying at national and international levels.”

Stress Management and Expert Performance

This workshop aims to help interpreters up their game to become authentic expert performers. By developing tools and strategies to manage then leverage inevitable stress, we can achieve this and honour our professional and ethical commitment.

The session is aimed at both students and experienced interpreters. The goal is to help perform better and more consistently, and to increase satisfaction and fulfilment before, during and after performing.

Participants can expect to learn techniques and approaches which will equip them to be more fulfilled and more confident interpreters. As a former high-level sportsperson, the trainer will apply psychological and physiological principles and techniques which have also proven their worth in the field of professional sport and sports psychology. Video sources will also be included to provide a varied, lively and challenging experience.

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