[JITF2020] Interpreters’ Morning Self-Study Room – Keys to Success Developing a Virtual Meet-up Spot

Ms. Kazumi Iwase (Founding Member), Director of Japan Association of Conference Interpreters, JACI-certified interpreter.  A “sixty-ish” freelance interpreter with a 30 year track record.

Ms. Azusa Sato, freelance conference interpreter /JACI-certified interpreter. Fields of expertise include PR, IR, alcoholic beverages (and related events), etc.  Her favorite phrase is: “you are admirable for getting up early!”

Ms. Chizuko Hanaoka, freelance Japanese-English interpreter.  JACI member, JAT member.  Became an independent freelancer after working for more than ten years as an in-house interpreter at major foreign companies.  Fields of specialization include entertainment, IT, the automotive industry, tourism, psychology, etc.  Mainly active in the Kansai region.  Hobbies include dancing, movies and baking bread, sweets, etc.

Ms. Maki Jagawa, freelance interpreter and translator.  Director of the Japan Association of Conference Interpreters.  Active in the automotive and IT industries, etc.  Recently passed the Sake Service Institute level 3 certification test but unsure how to apply it.

Ms. Miho Yamazaki, conference interpreter, part-time lecturer at university (& graduate school).  Worked in the overseas sales department of an electronics manufacturer, got married and had children, and completed the Master’s Program in Interpreting and Translation at the Graduate School of Kobe College.  Fields of work include: government-related projects, marketing, disaster prevention, education, culture, etc.

Ms. Natsuki Hishida, conference interpreter.  Went freelance after working 10 years as an in-house interpreter.  Works in a broad range of government-related and industrial fields, leveraging experience as an interpreter for corporate presidents and as a secretary to corporate officers.  Fields of expertise include manufacturing, international cooperation, technology, medical devices, etc.  A mother of two children living in Tokyo.  Hobby is to cheer on her daughters at ballet performances.

Mr. Yusuke Sasaki, Director of the Japan Association of Conference Interpreters. Freshman in the English-Japanese translation and interpretation course at the Graduate School of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.  After graduating from university, worked for a total of 4 years at IT and telecommunications-related companies as an IT engineer and in-house interpreter.  A student since April 2020.

Ms. Yoko Michinaka (Sasada), freelance interpreter living in Kansai region.  Experienced working as an in-house interpreter at a specialty glass manufacturer for three years, and as a project-assigned interpreter for a theme park before going freelance.  Fields of expertise include manufacturing, automobiles, engines, etc. and various types of audits.  Currently living with 5 lovely animals (cats).  Member of JACI and JAT.

Interpreters’ Morning Self-Study Room – Keys to Success Developing a Virtual Meet-up Spot

The interpreting industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.  Even maintaining skills becomes difficult without work.  
With little visibility of the future, practicing alone can lead to a sense of isolation and difficulty to continue.  
“If only there was a place where anxious interpreters could get together with peace of mind” …
such an idea gave birth to the “virtual self-study room.”

Currently there are about 200 members signed up to the Facebook group.  Since its debut on March16th, it has been held every morning without a break even on weekends with an average of nearly 50 members getting together to study and share thoughts.  The moderators will discuss the keys to success in making a “virtual meet-up spot” and the benefits of morning study.