[JITF2020] American Comic Translation Class

Shiori Miyo

One of the few translators of American comics in Japan.  She has been translating American comics since college days, having been involved in translating more than 100 volumes by the young age of 31.  She is often entrusted with translating works of MARVEL Comics.  Her translated works include:  “Captain America: Civil War,” the “Gwenpool” series, etc.  Her favorite American comic character is Batroc the Leaper.

American Comic Translation Class

Do you know about American comics?  Recently, movie adaptations have become huge hits, and there are opportunities to learn about the characters who appear in various forms such as games and animation, so perhaps you know such names as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, etc., even if you have never read the comics. 

However, it was the comics … or manga … that made them famous.  In this class, I will give an introduction to the history of American comics or “Ame-Comi” for short, and a detailed explanation of the translation process unique to comic translation.  It will be a 90 minutes in which you will understand what American comic translation is all about, as I will share the hardships and special skills that I have gained from working on comic translation for about 10 years.  This is a rare field, so if you are interested in becoming a comic translator in the future, or if you just have a passing interest in it, please join us.