[JITF2020] On Translation of Korean Literature

Ayako Furukawa

Korean-Japanese translator.  Part-time lecturer at Kanda University of International Studies.  After working as an in-house interpreter/translator at a Japanese branch of a Korean company, she studied at a graduate school in Korea.  Taking the opportunity of receiving the LTI Korea Translation Award for Aspiring Translators from the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, she moved on to the path of publication translation.  Her main translated works include:  “네게 무해한 사람(Harmless Person to You),” “바깥은 여름(Summer Outside),” “딸에 대하여 (About Daughter ),” “미생 – 아직 살아 있지 못한 자(Misaeng: Incomplete Life),” “내릴 수 없는 배(a book about the Sewol ferry disaster)”, etc. 

On Translation of Korean Literature

In the last few years, Korean literature has been introduced in various places and has been attracting attention.  The manner in which a market for Korean literature was created even when the publishing industry was said to be in a depression, the peculiarities of Korean literature that one must be careful about when translating, and other aspects of the world of Korean literature will be introduced from the perspective of a creator.