[JITF2020] Learning about English Expressions and the World of Spirituality from the Bible – Live!

Tokuhiro Chinen

Simultaneous conference interpreter and translator.  President of Logos Agency G.K., owner of Cafe Lighthouse, evangelist and pastor.  Graduated from Rutger’s University in New Jersey and from the Toxicology Department of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).  Engaged in research related to anti-oncogenes, narcotics, and anti-cancer drugs.  Outside the university, also served as the commander of the local rescue squad.  Became a Christian and studied the Bible at Beth Israel, a Messianic Jewish church.  After returning to Japan, he became a sermon interpreter for an American missionary at a church and then became a pastor.  On the other hand, as a training supervisor/interpreter at JICE and JICA, he has been active as an interpreter in various fields for 15 years.  He established a company in 2009 in order to develop interpreters and translators as human resources through in-service education.  The company provides interpreting and translation services in various fields, including science and medical technology.  In June of this year, he co-authored the book “Doji Tsuyakusha ga ‘Yakusenakatta’ Eigo Furezu (English Phrases that Even Simultaneous Interpreters ‘Couldn’t Translate’).”  With home church and home school as a basis, he encourages people to walk a life of faith that is Bible-based and “true to the basics.” 

Learning about English Expressions and the World of Spirituality from the Bible – Live!

Live version of the course on “learning about English expressions and the world of spirituality from the Bible” just for JACI members.  Explaining various English expressions appearing in the Bible to provide deeper insight into its teachings and cultural background, the speaker will guide the participants through Q&A towards an experience of the spiritual world of the Bible that will be like “scales falling from the eyes.”