[JIF2015] Agency AMA: What They Really Think

Agency AMA: What They Really Think

Most interpreters meet and actually have a substantial conversation with their agency rep only once in their career: when they sign up. Because we rarely ever have an opportunity to talk to each other, it is difficult to for us to know how they view us and what they really want. Panelists of this session—agency reps—will present their opinions from the employer’s perspective on a wide variety of issues including recruiting and remuneration. They will also answer any and all questions from the audience to the best of their abilities. In true AMA fashion, this is a no-holds-barred session! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to communicate with your “customer” on a personal level.

*AMA: Ask me anything

Sachiko Ichinose

Makiko Yamamoto

Honyaku Corporation has been working hard to be the best in the business of translation and interpreting for nearly 40 years. As a document/data management specialist, Honyaku offers a one-stop solution in multiple languages, covering everything from machine tool manuals to licensing contracts. Sachiko Ichinose (division manager and chief coordinator) and Makiko Yamamoto (coordinator) lead a crew of seven coordinators that oversee the company’s interpreting business. They will be prepared to talk about everything such as sales, recruiting, talent matching, client education, logistics, and equipment arrangement, and answer any questions that you might have.

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