[JIF2015] Only a Start: Add Value to Interpreting

Only a Start: Add Value to Interpreting

The medical device industry is booming. Prime Minister Abe and his government see it as one of the growth drivers to propel Japan out of years of economic stagnation. An increasing number of Japanese medical device and pharmaceutical companies are expanding their business in the United States and other important markets. That means more FDA inspections and other audits. These companies rely heavily on the knowledge and expertise of interpreters to communicate effectively with the FDA and other regulators, notified bodies, and auditors. To meet this need I use what I call an “interventional approach” of interpreting to understand the client and help deliver its message in a timely and accurate manner. Industry needs are more than just regulatory, however. In their effort to understand, adapt to, and excel in the global market, some Japanese medical device and pharmaceutical companies are involving non-Japanese executives in decision-making, and interpreters play a crucial role in facilitating such internal communication.

This session will provide useful information and insights for those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Derek Wessman

Derek Wessman is President of Jataki Company, a boutique firm that specializes in consulting, interpreting, and translation in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. A complete bilingual and accomplished conference interpreter, Derek has been interpreting for major Japanese medical device and pharmaceutical companies in their FDA and ISO13485 dealings since 2008, including dozens of official FDA inspections and countless other external and internal audits. He and Jataki Company interpreters facilitate product development meetings, board meetings, and shareholder meetings, and translate all types of documents with a specialty in quality manuals and SOPs.

Jataki Company

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