[JITF2022] How Should Interpreters Defend Their Interests When Doing RSI

Tony Rosado

For over 30 years, Tony has worked as conference interpreter for many high
profile events and clients, including the U.S. Department of State as an independent contractor; major radio & TV networks in the U.S. and Mexico, presidential speeches, debates, and sports events; a court interpreter certified by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts; his studies include a Law Degree. He has been an instructor and interpreter trainer at universities in all continents; a regular presenter at conferences throughout the world; author of 2 books on interpreting, and “The Professional Interpreter” blog. He is a member of AIIC, TAALS, IAPTI, ASETRAD, OMT, ATA & NAJIT.

How Should Interpreters Defend Their Interests When Doing RSI

RSI brought a global market with uncertainty, few rules, and new participants. This is
challenging old rules and practices; and if ignored, it could harm individual interpreters and the profession. This 2-session workshop will address negotiating conditions and preparing a
contract that protects our interests when we interpret remotely anywhere in the world.

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