[JIF2024] The Full Client Journey (and how to speak to them at each stage)

Julia Poger

Julia Poger is a business, conference and diplomatic interpreter fluent in English, Russian and French. With over 30 years of experience working with governments, NGOs, corporations and international organizations, Julia gives clients insights, a roadmap, and confidence to win more business at higher fees and with better terms. After launching her Know Your Worth seminar in 2002, she has helped hundreds of interpreters, translators, public figures, coaches, and other service providers understand how to deliver their message to clients. Julia loves to travel, and is able to order meals like a local within hours – though she is sometimes surprised at what she receives!

The Full Client Journey (and how to speak to them at each stage)

As interpreters, you are supposed to be communications experts, but still find it difficult to speak to your clients.  It can be mystifying, especially because how you speak to them changes at each stage of your relationship.  This talk will explain when you should move from awareness-building to problem-solving – and then to getting referrals and testimonials.  You will understand why your clients never understood you before – and will know what you need to do to turn that around!

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