[JIF2019] Interpreting in the European Market as Seen from an Interpreter

Hiromi Sakai

English-Japanese conference interpreter living in London. Strong fields are IR, nuclear power decommissioning measures, performing arts, fashion, and soccer. A full-time housewife for 18 years after working as an in-house translator for a securities firm. Later debuted as an interpreter seven years ago when her husband took early retirement. Gained a master’s degree in in conference interpreting and a diploma in public service interpreting last year. Mother of three children now in university, high school and junior high school. Also holds degrees in Chinese and fashion.

Interpreting in the European Market as Seen from an Interpreter

Interpreters living in Japan may not be very familiar with the European interpreting industry. In this session I will attempt to convey the situation in the European interpreting industry as actually seen and heard by an English-Japanese interpreter living in London.

  • What is the European interpreting industry like?
  • What are the trends in the European interpreting industry?
  • What are the daily lives of interpreters living in Europe like?
  • How can you get work?
  • What are the rates and agents like?
  • Are there differences with the Japanese interpreting industry?
  • How can you get started as an interpreter in Europe?

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