[JIF2019] Conference Interpreting on the US West Coast – From the Front Line of Silicon Valley

Junko Bradley

Conference interpreter, Representative of EJ EXPERT, Language Consultant for the Federal Government of the United States of America, Advisory Board of the Japan Association of Life Organizers.

While being brought up using the Osaka dialect only, realized the importance of English when visiting Europe on an arts college graduation trip. Traveled to the US in her mid-20s after working for several years to save up funds for overseas study. Studied business management at university for four years and developed an interest in the world of business. While working as a CEO secretary and an in-house interpreter/translator for a car firm and technology firm in Silicon Valley, took night classes at a translation school, completing the whole course. Leaving her job, she gave business management support to her husband’s company, ran a franchise business and experienced a spell bringing up her children as a full-time housewife. Just before turning 40 in 2009, started up a company specializing in translation and interpreting, simultaneous translation equipment rental, and professional training. Currently managing the company while working as a conference interpreter mostly for IT firms, startups and VC, Japanese companies and public offices, international organizations, state and federal government organizations at international meetings and conferences, and also company visit tour/meetings, etc. Over 500 students have thus far registered for the online training program, which is turning out interpreters and translators who are active on the global stage. Currently resides in California.

Conference Interpreting on the US West Coast – From the Front Line of Silicon Valley

The US interpreting industry from the viewpoint of both interpreter and agent will be discussed with episodes from actual work scenes. I will be delighted if this will provide hints for future expansion to global careers.

  • Situation in the US interpreting market as seen through data
  • Specialist fields in high demand on the West Coast
  • Forms of interpreting duties that differ from Japan
  • Unbelievable travel distances to ‘just over there’
  • The reason why Japanese interpreting receives favorable treatment
  • The tide of Japanese firms advancing on Silicon Valley
  • Interpreting work at the head offices of IT giants such as Google and Facebook
  • What you need for interpreting at organizations such as the US government or UN
  • How to debut and get on track as a conference interpreter in the US
  • A true story from a major agency
  • Marketing methods for working globally
  • Local interpreters’ networks
  • About running a boutique-type agency overseas
  • From the Crown Prince to a murderer – you might even end up interpreting for an alien from outer space
  • Interpreter education and training in the US
  • AI and technology – Interpreting work at the cutting edge
  • A new style of conference interpreting

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