[JIF2018] Working in a Growth Industry – Interpreting at a Foreign-Affiliated General Insurance Company

Taku Doi

Freelance interpreter and translator. While at professional interpreting training school in 2011, began his career as a simultaneous interpreter at an advertising agency. After working as an interpreter for two years, transferred to sales staff to deepen his knowledge of the business field. Three years later, to try out a new business field, he joined a foreign-affiliated general insurance company, once again as an interpreter. He pushed forward a reform of the company’s , and when that had settled down, turned to freelancing. He now works for the same insurance company under a subcontracting system.

Working in a Growth Industry – Interpreting at a Foreign-Affiliated General Insurance Company

I will give an introduction to what you need to know to work in a foreign-affiliated general insurance company and the outlook for this business field. The demand for interpreters in each business field depends heavily on the trend in the degree of overseas participation in that field. In the mature Japanese economy, there are few business fields where steady growth can be hoped for. The general insurance field as a whole, like many other fields, is rather stagnant, but this is not necessarily the case in the foreign-affiliated general insurance field. With help from the unique environment and so on of Japan, it can be said that this is one of the very few business fields that can look forward to stable growth in the future. I will give an easy-to-understand commentary on the three topics of “basic knowledge of the business field you need to know,” “the outlook for the field,” and “what you need to work for a general insurance company,” not only from experience as an in-house interpreter at a foreign-affiliated general insurance but also from having engaged in activities for the recruitment of interpreters.

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