[JIF2018] Talking about the Attraction of Interpreting in the Automobile Industry

Eri Chiba

After graduating university, worked at a patent law office and an environmental venture company before joining a car company as an in-house interpreter. Has experience mainly in R&D, production management and quality control. Became a freelance conference interpreter from 2006. Loves interpreting in the manufacturing industry and takes secret pride in owning a pair of personal safety shoes.

Amanda Jun Katsurada

Gained an MA degree in conference interpreting at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Turned freelance after working as an in-house interpreter at the Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Ohio Research Institute. Before gaining the MACI, did game translation and localization at Square (now Square Enix), and is currently active in interpreting in a wide range of fields including entertainment, etc. in addition to the specialization in cars and motorcycles. Appearing as a commentator in the Chikyu no Hashirikata (TV Asahi) show which supports the World Rally Championship.

Talking about the Attraction of Interpreting in the Automobile Industry

The car manufacturing business – a representative mammoth industry of Japan. An industry that has strong links with the hot buzzwords that we’re seeing a lot of recently, such as self-driven cars, xEV, IoT, mobility, the sharing economy, etc. Two people who have experience working as in-house interpreters for finished vehicle manufacturers will give easy-to-understand commentaries on “How are cars made anyway?” “What is car R&D all about?” and “How are interpreters involved in that?” while talking about the attraction of the car-related interpreting that they love. Even though both are former in-house interpreters, there are various differences that arise from the dissimilar companies and environments. We will be delighted if you get a feel for both the differences and also the underlying commonalities.

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