[JIF2017] Management of a Boutique Agency and Our Partnership with Interpreters

Noriko Momohara

President of M & Partners International (HR support, global business support, language coordination). After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in political science, Noriko started her career as a freelance language specialist, providing interpreting and other language services to numerous clients. She also worked as an overseas coordinator, researcher, and language assistant for NHK, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, Nihon TV, and TBS. She is well-versed in topics such as labor relations, women at work, family issues, human rights, declining birth rate among others.

Yukimi Koyanagi

Interpreting coordinator for M & Partners International. After graduating from the Tokyo University of Science, Yukimi went to work for Fujitsu, and later relocated to the U.S. after marriage. She is now back in Japan and, as a coordinator, she is always thinking of ways to satisfy both clients and interpreters.

Management of a Boutique Agency and Our Partnership with Interpreters

M & Partners International was founded 19 years ago. It is a small agency with only a handful of employees, but we have been able to thrive until now because we’ve always had a clear vision of what we wanted to do, and never lost sight of it. Noriko Momohara used to work for a large agency, and her experience there compelled her to choose to stay small in order to differentiate her company from others. Noriko, assisted by Yukimi, will talk about how her company came to be, what clients expect from her company, and what a boutique agency like hers would typically expect from interpreters.

Note: this is an interactive session. Participants are free to ask any questions they want.

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