[JIF2015] IPO’s and PO’s – How they work, and how interpreters can join in the fun (and contribute)

IPO’s and PO’s – How They Work, and How Interpreters Can Join in the Fun (and Contribute)

In 2014, the amount of equity financing by companies around the world reached a record high. In Japan alone, there are close to 100 IPO’s expected to take place in 2015 (source: Nikkei). These are obviously important events for global and domestic capital markets, and hopefully, there will be more opportunities for interpreters to take part in them in the future.

In the 1st half of this Session, we will discuss some of the basics of IPO’s and PO’s. What they are, why they’re important, how they work, etc.

In the 2nd half, we will zoom in on the overseas IR roadshows that take place as an important part of the IPO/PO process, and discuss the role of the interpreter in these roadshows.

After the Session, you will hopefully be interested in IPO/PO roadshows, and be well-prepared for any future opportunities to work on one.

Dan Tanno (President of IRIS)

After 10 years as a “salary-man” at Mitsubishi Corporation and Morgan Stanley, I became a freelance interpreter, with plans to eventually set up a small interpreting agency. Following a few months of freelance work, I joined Nomura Securities as its in-house IR interpreter, where I stayed for 3 years. During that time, I accompanied a wide variety of foreign institutional investors on their IR interview trips all over Japan, and interpreted in approx. 1,500 IR meetings.

I left Nomura in 2012 to set up IRIS. We focus mainly on accompanying foreign investors in Japan, while I myself have become more involved in accompanying Japanese companies on their IR roadshows abroad.

In 2014 I participated, as interpreter, in close to 1 trillion yen of equity financing (IPOs and POs) by Japanese companies. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I feel compelled to share with everyone i) what exactly is so great about these roadshows, and ii) some tips on how an interpreter can contribute to the success of these important financing events.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference!

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