[JITF2020] Correcting Bad Habits! A Note-Taking Course

Wakana Myers

Bilingual conference interpreter who grew up in Canada, Switzerland, Hungary and the United States.  After graduating from Sophia University with a B.A. in Comparative Culture, she worked as an in-house interpreter at a number of major foreign corporations, after which she gained an M.A. in the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation of Monterey Institute of International Studies and became a freelance interpreter.  She is active in diverse fields including business, medicine and pharmaceuticals, technology, broadcasting, law, politics and entertainment.  She is also an interpreting school instructor.

Correcting Bad Habits! A Note-Taking Course

In baseball, a pitcher will try out various styles of pitching until finding one that fits best. It is the same with note-taking for interpretation.  When trying a new style, there may be times when one can no longer do what one used to do.  In this workshop, we will actually practice taking notes, show them to each other, share examples of successful and unsuccessful strategies, and gain a better understanding of our personal styles while having a good time together.  

The course is basically for English-Japanese interpreters but interpreters of other languages are also welcome.