[JITF2020] Costa Rica for the First Time

Rikiya Adachi

Researcher specializing in Costa Rica, peace studies and conflict transformation. Studied in but did not complete the Ph.D. course at the Graduate School of Philosophy and Literature of Costa Rica National University.  Since 2001, he has organized, guided and interpreted for one or two peace & ecology tours to Costa Rica every year while continuing his field work, research and other projects concerning Costa Rica as a freelance researcher.  In 2019 he established the Costa Rica Social Science Research Center (a general incorporated association) and became its representative director. His main publications include “Marugoshi Kokka (The Unarmed State)” (Fusosha Shinsho) and “Heiwatte Nandaro? (What is Peace?)” (Iwanami Junior Shinsho).

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Costa Rica for the First Time

A country without an army.  Schools and hospitals are free of charge.  Electricity is almost entirely clean energy.  There are no zoos, but the natural parks are a treasure trove of precious animal and plant species.  Japan’s leading expert will give an overview about this “land of mysteries,” Costa Rica in Central America.