[JIF2016] Diplomatt School: The Way We Teach

Diplomatt School: The Way We Teach

Diplomatt School Principal Fujiko Hara believes that “interpreters need to have the ability to communicate,” because interpreting is more than a simple act of word replacement. Great interpreting resonates in the hearts of the audience, and that is why Diplomatt School interpreting courses incorporate elements of open discussion, debate, and presentation, taught by native speakers of English. This session demonstrates how Diplomatt School teaches the art of interpreting—from Tsukushi Ikeda’s whispering to Daniel Papia’s critical thinking—and invites participants to discover their hidden potential.

One essential talent useful for interpreters and translators alike is the ability to distill the essence of what needs to be communicated and to strip away the excess. This skill, of course, is valuable in other related areas–in writing, in speaking and presenting, in strategic thinking.

Diplomatt Pro is an adjunct of the Diplomatt School that covers other professional areas outside the interpreting/translating world where language and sharp thinking overlap. Daniel Papia will give a short talk on attacking ideas at their core and mining the essentials. What are big corporations like Starbucks or Nike or Disneyland selling in eight words or less? What was the Japanese bubble economy in eight words or less? What is Christianity, Shintoism, Buddhism in eight words or less?

Daniel Papia

Daniel Papia has developed material for a number of big film players, including New Horizons, Touchstone Pictures, and Bender-Spink Productions. He owned his own firm in Hollywood for 14 years which helped set up Japanese anime and manga properties as Hollywood films. He has also been a member of the Writer’s Guild for two decades and taught numerous courses in screenwriting at the university level.

Tsukushi Ikeda

Born in Niigata. Attended Palomar Community College in California and graduated from UCLA. After working for a Japanese financial institution at its Los Angeles office, Tsukushi came back to Japan to pursue a career in translation and interpreting. He now splits his time between conference interpreting and teaching at Diplomatt School.

Naoko Omura

Diplomatt Inc. was founded in 1984 by Fujiko Hara to develop professional interpreters as well as communicators that can thrive in this world where intercultural understanding is of utmost importance. Its school may be small in size, but it enables intimate interactions between teachers and students. School staffers, including myself, are fully committed to give you all the support you need.

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