[2/20] Police Interpreting Workshop

Police Interpreting Workshop

With Tokyo 2020 only four years away, the police force in Japan is entering a new phase in investigating crimes committed by foreign nationals. However, the qualification and skill of interpreters that take part in the investigation process still leave something to be desired, although they play a critical role in solving foreign crimes.

Various issues regarding police interpreting will be discussed in the lecture part (first half) using actual case studies, which is followed by a workshop (second half).

Makoto Shimizu

Makoto Shimizu began his career on the Hyogo Prefectural police force in 1983. He spent two years studying Chinese at the National Police Academy International Criminal Investigations Institute in Tokyo. After returning to Hyogo, Shimizu worked in various departments associated with foreign crime investigation at the Prefectural Police Foreign Affairs Department, interpreting and solving numerous cases along the way. He was later promoted to Head of the Interpretation Center, where he had a significant role in advancing interpreter education. In March 2014, he retired early and established the Kansai Judicial Interpreters Training Institute (http://k-lits.com), the first of its kind in Japan.
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