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Risa Marburg-Hirano

Name Risa Marburg-Hirano
Location United States of America
Language Japanese < = > English
Specialization Politics, International Relations, Nuclear, IT, Military
About Me Having 18 years of experience as a conference interpreter in Washington DC, I have had the privilege to serve various segments of our society, ranging from public policy at various levels, (federal, state, local), various international entities, law firms, IT firms, NPOs etc. I am also able to travel within the US and Europe, which has allowed me to further expand my expertise. Here are some examples of compliments I often receive from clients: "you have no accent in your English and is easy to understand you", "accurate and thorough" "you have an amazing concentration ability" "You seem to understand the content so well, I thought you are an expert on the matter"

Website: https://www.clear-jc.com

CV: https://www.visualcv.com/fqu5t0wfrsw/

Language Proficiency
Japanese: A / English: B
Certified in 2020
Contact rmarburg100@gmail.com