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Miki Hirai

Name Miki Hirai
Location Tokyo
Language Japanese < = > English
Specialization News Reporting, International Relations (Security), Marketing, Sports, Fashion&Art
About Me Started career as in-house interpreter at an Ad Agency. After finishing interpreting training at NHK Global Media Service, I have worked in the above-mentioned fields. With around 30 years of experience, from live broadcasts to international conferences, my mission is to first understand the client’s communication needs and offer interpreting that truly reaches the audience.

In addition to interpreting, I provide advisory service to Japanese executives with their presentations, speeches and negotiations in English. Based on my media background, I also provide media training in English. I also serve as English MC for events. Recent project list available upon request.

Language Proficiency
Japanese: A / English: B
Certified in 2023
Contact ebemiki@icloud.com