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Kayo Matsushita

Name Kayo Matsushita
Location Tokyo
Language Japanese < = > English
Specialization Politics, Finance, Media, Education, Criminal Justice
About Me After leaving her long-term career as a journalist, Kayo Matsushita received simultaneous interpreter training at Simul Academy, which is affiliated with Simul International, Inc., one of the most renowned interpreting agencies in Japan. Upon graduation in 2011, she received an offer to become one of their 50 staff interpreters. She has since interpreted in a variety of fields including but not limited to media, diplomacy, medicine, education, criminal justice, legal, environment, finance, IT, intellectual property, manufacturing, energy and trade, completing around 250 assignments in a given year. She turned freelance in 2014 and actively expanded her area of expertise since, which led her to interpret for political leaders (including Prime Minister Abe and Tokyo Governor Koike) and in criminal and civil courts. In addition to on-site interpretation in both consecutive and simultaneous modes, she is experienced in including remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) using platforms such as Interprefy and KUDO. She additionally provides over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), mainly for investor meetings.

Language Proficiency
Japanese: A / English: B
Certified in 2020
Contact kayoppe123@me.com