[JITF2022] The Balance Between Services and Remuneration for Professional Interpreters

Seth A. Reames

After taking a year off from his U.S. college education at the age of 19 and learning professionally at a translation company in Japan, Seth Reames returned and obtained his undergraduate degree while working as a JP>EN and EN>JP translator, as well as a simultaneous and consecutive JP<>EN interpreter. Since then, he established and operated a translation company for nearly 10 years in the U.S., and subsequently has led a translation and interpreting boutique for 20 years in Japan. Main business domains pertain to marketing and sales of private enterprise, alongside legal, technical and finance verticals in the corporate world. Experience spans the following industries: automotive, mobile communications, steel, luxury retail, FMCG distribution, fintech, satellite broadcasting, and home video.

The Balance Between Services and Remuneration for Professional Interpreters

The 21st century is ushering in a virtual realm that overlays the physical realm as pressing calls for simplicity rise amidst the growing complexity of interpreting formats. The logic goes like this: ease of providing virtual interpreting services points to rationalization, which in turn considers lower pricing for interpreting fees a matter of course. In practice, however, it seems like the agencies associated in the industry and the clientele are tasking the interpreters with the art of adapting and hastily throwing new challenges “over the fence.” In particular, online interpreting is imposing many problems. The presentation examines services provided and remuneration received in light of current, real experience by the professional interpreter on-site and online.

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