[JITF2021] Entertainment Interpreters in the Field – To Promote Films More

Yoshiko Okura

Mainly works as an English-Japanese interpreter in the entertainment industry for movies and TV dramas, as well as a translator of advertisements. After graduating from university, she studied art history in the U.K. and worked for a Japanese film distribution company. After working in various jobs in the international department, including correspondence, purchasing, negotiations, and talent handling, she became a freelance interpreter at the age of 30, mainly interpreting for interviews when celebrities come to Japan.

Mihoko Imai

B.A. in English, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University. She graduated from a major interpreter training school in 2008. After graduating from university, she worked in film distribution for 10 years as a film buyer and overseas negotiator before becoming a freelance interpreter. Currently, she works as an interpreter mainly in the fields of film, entertainment, and the arts. For more than 12 years, she has interpreted for press conferences, stage greetings, red carpet events, and TV and telephone interviews during promotions and international film festivals in Japan.

Entertainment Interpreters in the Field – To Promote Films More

Two entertainment interpreters who are active in the film industry will give a talk about the difficulties and joys unique to entertainment interpreting, such as the various scenes and forms of interpreting, what they keep in mind and how they comport themselves during interviews and on-stage, and what kinds of problems occur in verbal communication between different cultures, while sharing episodes from their interpreting assignments.