[JIF2019] Is Your Japanese Understandable? Passing on Announcer Skills Immediately Applicable by Interpreters

Noriko Yamashita

After working as an announcer for a commercial broadcasting company, is currently active as a narrator, MC and lecturer with 35 years of experience. Founded the Tokyo Narration and Announcing Pro Juku (School) with a partner who had worked as a broadcasting company announcer. Gives guidance for people from those seeking to become professionals to those already working as freelance announcers and narrators, works at company training workshops, provides newscaster training for major entertainment agencies, and so on. After several simultaneous interpreters visited Juku articulation lessons in fall 2016, wishing to be helpful to simultaneous interpreters living overseas, began online “articulation lessons for interpreters” (ZOOM) in 2018. An undeniably huge change took place in the users’ speaking ability. Currently narrator for the BS-TBS news program Hōdō 1930.

Is Your Japanese Understandable? Passing on Announcer Skills Immediately Applicable by Interpreters

Are you bothered with problems like:

“Poor articulation,” “Has anyone ever told you it’s hard to understand what you are saying?” “Your voice is drowned out by interference,” “You run out of breath during interpretation,” “You are working hard to raise your voice at the beginning and are not able to speak properly toward the end,” “”Has anyone ever told you that your voice is so weak they can’t hear you?” “You don’t use the mic properly,” “I’d like to improve my robot-like speech,” “I get a sore throat,” etc., etc.

Naturally, interpreters are also speakers. The ability to speak in a way that gives listeners confidence and resonates in the hearts of the audience are skills that can be acquired by anyone. “I want to provide this perfect Japanese interpretation to everyone who needs it.” Please deliver this to your listeners with beautifully polished Japanese phonation and pronunciation. By improving your Japanese delivery skills, you will change the way you work from tomorrow. I will help you do this along with ample practical exercises.

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