[JIF2017] Your Voice: The Ultimate Differentiation Tool

Yasushi Takamaki

Voice teacher and President of Takamaki Co., Ltd. After graduating from the Kunitachi College of Music, he pursued his studies on tone deafness and stuttering at Shinshu University. He later founded BCA Education Institute that researches delivery, tone deafness correction, and presentation methods from an anatomically-based approach. He has written and published numerous articles and books on vocalism-related subjects.

Your Voice: The Ultimate Differentiation Tool

A lot of interpreters worry about the accuracy of their renderings, but not many seem to pay enough attention to the volume, tone, and rhythm that are best for the audience. If you could maximize the power of your voice, to improve the perceived quality of your renderings, and truly move the hearts of the audience, why wouldn’t you? This session is designed to teach you exactly that—how to use your voice, by employing an anatomically-based approach.

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