[JIF2017] Theatrical Interpreting: A Primer

Wakana Myers

Wakana is a fully bilingual conference interpreter who spent time growing up in Canada, Switzerland, Hungary, and the U.S. After graduating from Sophia University she worked as an in-house interpreter for several foreign companies in Japan. She turned freelance after receiving a Master’s degree in conference interpreting from the Monterrey Institute of International Studies. Her specialties include business, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, broadcasting, law, and entertainment.

Theatrical Interpreting: A Primer

How do theatrical plays, musicals, opera, and ballet get developed? And how do interpreters get involved in the process? What should we know beforehand? What are some theater-specific jargon? Answers to all these questions will be provided in this session by a seasoned veteran. The following topics will be covered:

-The role of the interpreter in the theater
-Specific systems unlike that of conference interpreting
-The process: from start to end
-The environment: working hours, breaks, remuneration, demand
-Things to keep in mind
-Prerequisite knowledge
-Preparation and review
-Tools and gadgets

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