[JIF2017] DIY for Interpreters: Maximizing the Power of Panaguides

Atsuko Hirayama

Conference interpreter well-versed in military affairs, law, information technology, and automotives, Atsuko Hirayama has interpreted for global leaders and thinkers including former President George H. W. Bush, Michael Porter (economist), Marshall Goldsmith (leading authority in executive coaching), Haruomi Hosono (musician), and Amory Lovins (physicist and environmental scientist, author of Reinventing Fire). Hirayama first witnessed the work of a professional interpreter as a student, which crushed her confidence into bits, but nevertheless she continued to pursue her dream of one day becoming a professional herself. Hirayama’s street smarts enable her to work with anybody. In a business where many veterans frown on the use of gadgets by interpreters, Hirayama is a rare breed. Her creed: “Give the warriors the best weapons available, because every day they face a battle they can’t afford to lose.”

Special Guest: Yoshito Yoshioka

President and Representative Director of Barbier Corporation Co., Ltd. After graduating from vocational college, Yoshito managed a barbershop owned by his family, but in 1989 he joined a SI equipment company to get involved in the world of international conferences, which had long been a dream of his. As an equipment expert he has traveled all over the world for 25+ years and seen hundreds of conferences held before his very eyes. He continues to bring innovative insights and approaches into the world of SI equipment and acoustics.

DIY for Interpreters: Maximizing the Power of Panaguides

Interpreters can’t do their work if they can’t hear anything. Atsuko Hirayama, the self-proclaimed gadget guru of the interpreting industry, will talk about her never-ending quest to improve sound quality, and demonstrates her best solution (for the time being) for the first time ever. Participants are encourage to bring their own earphones to try the demo. Yoshito Yoshioka will appear as a special guest.

The session will cover the following topics:

-Basics of acoustics and sound quality
-Tips to improve sound quality using a Panaguide set
-Negotiating with agencies to improve your environment
-“Recreating” a SI booth environment with a Panaguide set
-Useful tools and gadgets
-Why are we still using outdated equipment?
-Other beneficial knowledge about sound and acoustics

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