[JITF2020] The Effort Models of Interpreting: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Daniel Gile

Daniel Gile’s initial background was in mathematics. While he was studying, he worked as a (self-trained) technical translator and occasional liaison interpreter. He later turned to conference interpreting which he studied at ESIT (Paris), before he joined AIIC. His interest in translation and interpreting research was triggered by needs perceived when he started teaching translation and interpreting. His first PhD was devoted to the training of Japanese-French translators and interpreters, and his second PhD took a wider view of cognitive challenges in interpreting. He has about 40 years experience as a conference interpreter and researcher, has published and lectured widely, and is now professor emeritus at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III. A more detailed CV can be found at http://cirinandgile.com/DGCVEN.pdf

The Effort Models of Interpreting: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

In the presentation, the history of the Effort Models will be explained, from the first encounter with Interpretive Theory and the perception of the need to go further, to the adaptation of the Effort Model for simultaneous interpreting to simultaneous into signed languages, as well as the underlying philosophy, the relation of the Effort Models to cognitive psychology, their actual and potential use, as well as their position among interpreting theories in general and with respect to empirical research into interpreting.

Japan Interpreting and Translation Forum 2020 (Japanese only)