[JIF2016] Deposition Interpreting: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma

Deposition Interpreting: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma

Deposition interpreting is essential to discovery in US civil litigation, but presents interpreters with problems that are usually not encountered in other types of interpreting.  The presenter, with about 30 years of deposition interpreting experience, will take participants on a quick-paced journey through the world of deposition interpreting. Topics covered will include:

  • What is discovery?
  • The deposition process
  • Real-time display of testimony
  • Who shows up?
  • What is different from non-adversarial interpreting?
  • The lead interpreter
  • The checking interpreter
  • Is “literal” interpreting desirable or helpful?
  • Some short stories from the battlefield
  • Who needs (orders) deposition interpreting?
  • US law firms (reference materials, schedule information, payment problems)
  • Working for Japanese parties
  • Working for court reporting or other agencies that are clueless about Japanese-English interpreting
  • What is the demand for deposition interpreting in Japan?
  • Is it all worth the effort?

William Lise

Lise joined what was then Western Electric in 1971 and worked in millimeter microwave and fiber optics laboratories. He pursued college education while working as an electrical engineer, and eventually graduated in 1976. He subsequently moved to Japan to help a U.S. electronic device manufacturer establish its Japan branch. Three years later he chose not to return to the U.S. and became a full-time technical translator. He later started his career as an interpreter in patent litigation cases. He has been doing patent translation and litigation interpreting for over three decades, including numerous depositions related to U.S. patents. His current interpreting assignments include cases related to U.S. Department of Justice investigations involving Japanese entities. He is currently President and CEO of Kirameki Translations, Inc.

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