[JIF2015] Medical English: Shadowing-based Learning

Medical English: Shadowing-based Learning

There are not many professional and aspiring interpreters who would drool over the thought of interpreting at a medical conference. Medical English itself, however, is like a jigsaw puzzle; as long as you understand the basic mechanism behind it and are motivated to learn, it is not as difficult as you might think.

Our study group, primarily composed of Sophia University graduates, studies English and interpreting in the field of medicine. We use various resources available to us to hone our interpreting skills by taking a deep dive into the world of medicine and the English associated with it, including clinical pathway, etc. We also harness the power of audio visual resources, particularly by shadowing dialogues in TV shows to enable our facial muscles to “learn” the pronunciation of common medical terms.

Hiroko Ishii

Even before graduating from Sophia University, Ishii attended Simul International Academy and completed its advanced curriculum for interpreters. She has over 25 years of experience in conference interpreting, covering a wide range of topics from computer science to medicine. Currently teaching as an instructor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

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