[JIF2016] Simultaneous Interpreter AMA: Our Story

Simultaneous Interpreter AMA: Our Story

Every year at the Japan Interpreting Forum, we organize a simultaneous interpreter AMA session in addition to an agency session to observe the realities of our market from both sides. This year we have two former in-house interpreters turned freelance conference interpreters who have seen just about everything in the trenches. How do you hone your skills as an in-house? When and how do you turn freelance? What are some of the effective strategies when dealing with agencies? How do you form a workable relationship with your booth partner? Fri and Izumi will answer any and all questions fired at them with honesty and candor. Absolutely no questions barred!

*AMA: Ask me anything

Fri McWilliams

Born in Yamaguchi and raised in Hiroshima, Fri got her first interpreting experience at elementary school during school events and factory tours. After moving on her own to Vancouver at 14, she again moved to China to teach English. Here, she started interpreting for pay while attending university. Fri returned to Japan at the age of 31 and is now in her eighth year of freelancing after some in-house work. Her specialty is conveying vague feelings and textures, although when pressed she says her expertise is in IT and international tax. Fri loves the mountains and running, and experiences a runner’s high during the most exhilarating interpreting jobs.

Izumi Nakamura

Conference Interpreter. After managing a successful Japanese and English language school for many years, Izumi began interpreting professionally, honing her skills as an in-house at a number of global companies including McDonald’s, IBM, Bausch & Lomb, and Aeon, and in industries like automobile and manufacturing. Now freelancing, Izumi has expanded her professional interests to include medical devices, pharmaceuticals, technology, entertainment, and education.

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